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Say Something Nice!

Happy June 1st!

First of the month. It is summertime! But, today is also a national day. It's National Say Something Nice Day! Let's make today a great day for everyone we encounter.

This holiday was created to counteract the bullying, lack of civility, and lack of common courtesy that is in today's world. Practice saying something nice today in hope that it carries through tomorrow and forever. It's a simple thing to do. Just say anything nice that comes to mind. Compliment someone or make someone feel good about being themselves today.

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

We all have heard this before in our lives. The reason why is because once you say something out loud, it can't be taken back. You put it out into the universe. And sometimes what we say can be hurtful to others. We don't like it when something hurtful is said to us, so why do it back? Be kind today and every day. But let's at least start with today.

We've all met someone that was too nice that you start to doubt their genuineness. That, to me, is sad. That we start to doubt the kindness. We are so used to meanness that kindness throws us off. How many times do we encounter meanness, yet when someone is kind we are taken aback by it? Kindness is helpful and can make someone's day even just a tad bit better. Maybe it's time we practice saying something nice to others. We all know someone who is nice to us. Genuinely nice, not fake kindness. Try to think of them. How great they make you feel. How when you're having a bad day, they brighten it up even just a little bit. That's what we want today to be. But be sincere with your kindness. Again, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Take today to be a kinder you. Say something nice to or about someone. Bring a smile to someone’s face for the simple fact of seeing them smile. Don't expect anything in return. Just know that you are making someone's day a bit better.



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