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Positive Things To Say To Kids

Children are always listening to us. Even when we think they aren't. Words of encouragement goes a long way. Kids will take these words with them into adulthood. We want the best for our kids, right? These words create opportunities for kids to have a positive outlook and outcome in life.

Opportunities don’t happen; you create them. 〰️ Chris Grosser

All of the words of encouragement from my mother, grandmother, and aunt have stayed with me throughout the many years. I still hear their voice telling me these words in my everyday life.

What we say to our kids and the kids around us affect their lives. These words stay with them as they grow. But these words can be negative or positive. So, my question is what words do you want your kids to remember?

I will continue to say your/our/my kids, but just know this means any kid in our lives. It doesn't have to be your actual kids. It can be any kid you are around.

Words can become meaningless when they aren't followed by an action. Nonetheless, words still have great power within them. Choosing to add or use more positive words in your every day life will have a positive outcome. Especially to the kids around you hearing you say these words.

What do you say that will stay with your kids for the rest of their lives?

There is a lot that goes into parenting. The basics can be picked up rather quickly. However, the real challenge comes as the kids grow older.

How does one raise a happy and confident child?

This question is one that has been asked since the dawn of time. We all have our views and beliefs on how to do so. Doesn't make one wrong and one right. There is not one answer to this. Parenting isn't the only element that can affect a child. There are other factors like environmental, educational, and those people around kids who become role models.

This is why I chose to write about this. I may not be a parent as of July 27, 2021. However, I do have kids in my life that may take me as a role model. Because of this, I wanted to share some of the positive words you can say to a child around you.

We know that positive words for kids go a long way when it comes to their confidence.

Here is a list of some positive phrases to say to children that will help them build their confidence and much more.

  1. Thank you, you are helpful.

  2. I love seeing the world your way.

  3. I know you did your best.

  4. I’m grateful for you.

  5. You have great ideas. Your ideas are great.

  6. I learn new things from you every day.

  7. I believe in you.

  8. You are important. You matter to me.

  9. You make me proud.

  10. You are loved.

  11. Thank you for being you.

  12. I believe you.

  13. I love being your mom/dad/sister/brother/insert-your-relation-here.

  14. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

  15. It’s good to be curious.

  16. We all make mistakes, it’s okay.

  17. You can learn from your mistakes

  18. I understand you.

  19. You can say no, if you want to.

  20. I will do my best to keep you safe.

  21. If you really believe in something, then it’s important.

  22. We can try it your way.

  23. I appreciate you.

  24. My world is better with you in it

  25. I'm sorry.

  26. I forgive you.

  27. Your opinions matter.

  28. That was really brave what you did.

  29. I admire you.

  30. You are capable.

  31. You are deserving of love.

  32. You are strong.

  33. We all make mistakes.

  34. It’s your decision. You have a choice.

  35. Don’t give up.

  36. I'm proud of you for doing XYZ.

  37. I could never stop loving you.

  38. You can try again tomorrow.

  39. Nobody is perfect.

  40. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

  41. You are enough.

  42. You are beautiful inside and out.

  43. Your words are powerful.

  44. Your actions are powerful.

  45. You make me smile.

  46. Being kind does not make you weak.

  47. I accept who you are.

  48. I’ll always love you.

  49. You are kind.

  50. You are more than your emotions.

  51. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

  52. Anything is possible.

  53. You can make a difference.

  54. You don’t have to like what someone is saying in order to treat them with respect.

  55. Someone else’s poor behavior is not an excuse for your own.

  56. Never stop trying.

  57. I love how you said that.

  58. I’m listening.

  59. You can change your mind.

  60. You did that so well.

  61. You make my heart full.

  62. I’m so excited to spend time with you.

  63. Not everyone will like you, and that is okay.

  64. I love your creativity.

  65. You can ask for help.

  66. That’s a great question.

  67. That was a really good choice.

  68. I trust you.

  69. I hear you.

  70. You are learning/growing.

  71. Your attitude can change any situation.

  72. Your body is your own and you have say over your body.

  73. You are a great friend.

  74. It’s okay to be scared.

  75. You were right.

  76. Your ideas matter.

  77. You are worth it.

  78. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

  79. This family would not be the same without you.

  80. I am curious, what you think?

  81. Thank you for helping me.

  82. That’s smart thinking.

I hope you can see the trend with these phrases. It's about building their confidence to one day take on the world.

Most importantly, give our kids love. They deserve love.


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