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How To Create The Perfect Birthday Care Package

Updated: May 2, 2021

Looking for a cute and fun gift for someone on their birthday? Make a birthday care package for them! This is a fun way to make someone feel special on their special day. It sure beats just sending them money or flowers. Maybe it's for your child away at college or a friend away at college. Maybe it's for a friend who lives far away from you. Maybe it's for your significant other that is deployed with the military. Whatever the case may be, a birthday care package is a sweet way to show you care!

Making a party in a box!

Something personal

This is definitely number one on the list. If you're going through the effort to make this package, it is clearly because you care and have a connection of some sort with the person. Something personal is a touchy way to say I care and I didn't just grab a few things and threw it in box for you. Maybe it's a personalized item or an insider you have with them.

Something sweet (or sour)

Food will forever be a way into someone's heart (which I'm sure you are already there). But one can never mess things up with a yummy snack. It's their birthday! Get something sweet in there. Think of their favorite candy or their favorite treat or even the Starbucks Birthday Cake Pop. You can't have a birthday without a treat!

Something fun

It is their birthday! Get them a fun little gift. This party in a box won't be a party if there's no fun in it, right?

Something to wear

This can range from something to wear that says its their birthday, like a birthday sash, pin or headband to actual clothing. If you want to get them that sweatshirt they've been wanting or a shirt you saw at a store and thought of them, then go for it! Here's a cute birthday headband I found on Pinterest!

Birthday card

Well, this is obvious. But make it a funny card to give them something to laugh and smile about. Like this silly birthday card that I found on Pinterest.

Confetti (or glitter, if you're me)

Of course you have to have a bit of the party in the box for them! It's cute. It's messy. It's perfect. I would do a mix of both confetti and glitter, just because it's messier. When you have a party, the place gets messy. So, why not bring that into this party in a box? 😂

A balloon with a cute message inside!

Every party has balloons! But for this party in a box, one balloon is enough. Handwrite a cute message and then placing it inside the balloon. Tell them to pop the balloon to see the message!


Creating the perfect birthday care package doesn't have to be tedious. It should be fun! Have fun with it!


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