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Happy Valentine's Day!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

February 14th. A day we all love and hate. Some love it because they get to be with their special someone. Go on a date and be romantic. Others hate it because they may not have that special someone or feel it is unfair to those who don't have someone. I love it because it's a day to spread love to those you care about. That's how I prefer to see it. It's not about that ONE special someone. It's about all those you care about. All those people who have a piece of your heart. Let's celebrate Valentine's day with love and care, not hate and neglect.

Let all that you do be done in love.

There's so much you can do to show you care about someone. Below I list a few:

  1. Valentine's cards: They aren't just for kids.

  2. Handwritten letter: When you write out a letter, it shows your loving intent behind it.

  3. Small, cute gifts: Little gifts can go a long way. Maybe something to make them laugh or something they can use and think of you when they do.

  4. Phone call: Make a phone call to someone you care about to let them hear your voice.

  5. Appreciation text: Send a text to someone you care about and let them know you appreciate having them in your life.

Take the day to celebrate someone you care about. Or celebrate them all. A simple, thoughtful action can go a long way.


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