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Audiobook Review: The Decision by Kevin Hart

Ever wonder what having a Comedian and a Life Coach in your life can do for you? Well, Kevin Hart portrays those two roles in this funny, motivational audiobook.

Kevin Hart paired up with Audible to create an original "book" just for Audible listeners. This audiobook is an incredibly funny inspiration to listen to. He makes you laugh while telling you his experiences and how he is able to keep moving forward. He is known for his hard work and dedication. This man does not stop. He coaches listeners how to do the same.

Kevin Hart calls this a Mental Fitness Bootcamp. The book is divided into what to leave at home before entering the program, what you'll need in this program, the actual mental fitness program, and how to deal or what to do when challenges arise. He talks about letting go of your negative qualities like jealousy, fear of failure, self-doubt, anger, self judgement, among others. He also talks about the daily work you must put in and how to deal to deal with others negativity. I don't want to give too much, so I will leave it at that.

I loved listening to this book. He makes it so enjoyable and funny. I totally recommend this book to anyone really. But mostly to those who are tired of boring self-help books that haven't gotten you really fired up to live your life to its full potential. Kevin Hart would be a great life coach to have. This is a must-read book that everyone should listen to.

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