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8 Things To Do During Your Birthday Month

Updated: May 2, 2021

It's your birthday month, why not enjoy it to the fullest? Here is a list of things you can do during your birthday month.

1. Redeem birthday rewards - Most reward programs give you a free gift on your birthday! Some will give you an actual gift, while others may email you a coupon code to use on your next purchase on their website. You can check out my post on places to get food freebies here or my list of other items you can get for free here. Take advantage of these freebies while you can!

2. Bake a cake or your favorite treat - Treat yourself to something you like to bake. It can be anything. Cake, cookies, brownies, etc. You deserve it. And you can make this fun by adding music and making it a dance party!

3. Buy yourself a gift - You know exactly what you like so you can't buy the wrong thing. Maybe some new shoes or a new outfit or that special something you've been eyeing. Whatever it is, get it! Why not? You deserve it.

4. Watch a sunrise AND a sunset - It can be so relaxing. It's also beautiful to see.

5. Go eat at your favorite restaurant - Take a day out of the month to go eat at that awesome restaurant you love. Get your favorite dish and even order dessert afterward!

6. Order in your favorite meal - Take a day to have your favorite meal delivered and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Maybe add a movie to this. Just sit back and relax.

7. Take a day trip or a mini getaway - Visit somewhere new or go back to a place you had a great time at.

8. Take a self-care day or a mental health day - Do something for yourself. Pamper yourself! Go to the spa or out into nature. Go on a trail walk or go to the beach. Do something that makes you happy and feel at peace. We all need mental health day. Doing so, can help us forgive and move on from things that may be holding us down.


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