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103 Blog Posts Ideas (2020)

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

To start a blog, you should have a few post topics in mind. Sometimes we get stuck and can't think of any more ideas. So, below I have listed 103 blog post ideas for the newbie or the veteran who may need a little creative push.

  1. Publish a full biography about yourself.

  2. Tell a secret about yourself.

  3. What your aspirations for the week are.

  4. What your aspirations for the month are.

  5. New year resolutions.

  6. Top 10 things you wish you knew about when you began something.

  7. Your favorite blogging tips for other new bloggers.

  8. What you'd say to your younger self.

  9. What you’d include in the time capsule to your future self.

  10. Your oldest memory.

  11. Talk about an existential question.

  12. Problem? Provide a solution.

  13. Start a contest.

  14. Create a survey or quiz.

  15. Start a challenge.

  16. Interview someone you know.

  17. Recently read books list.

  18. Myth vs. Fact post.

  19. "How to" do something step by step.

  20. Recipe for how to cook/bake something.

  21. Your favorite smoothie recipe.

  22. Easy lunches to make in a hurry.

  23. Talk/Analyze a quote that speaks to you.

  24. What ways you stay creative.

  25. Things that make you happy.

  26. The history of your niche.

  27. Try something new, then blog about it.

  28. Insights you've learned in the past year.

  29. Story-time.

  30. A product review.

  31. A movie review.

  32. A book review.

  33. A television show review.

  34. Terms in your niche that need explaining.

  35. Common misconceptions in your niche.

  36. List of quotes you live by.

  37. Holiday related post.

  38. List of useless facts.

  39. Rant post.

  40. Checklist for completing a project.

  41. Top things to do in your city.

  42. Travel ideas.

  43. Best places to stay in your city.

  44. Best restaurants to visit in your city.

  45. Places in your city to be more vigilant.

  46. Museums to visit in your city.

  47. Predictions for the future in your niche or in general.

  48. What a typical day in your life looks like.

  49. Your idea of the “perfect” day.

  50. Your favorite childhood memory.

  51. Your fitness routine.

  52. Your makeup routine.

  53. Podcasts that you listen to.

  54. Your morning/bedtime routine.

  55. Your top motivational quotes.

  56. Your biggest fears or phobias.

  57. How/why you started your blog.

  58. Self-Improvement Tips.

  59. How to overcome bad habits.

  60. Face masks/scrubs you can make at home.

  61. Financial advice.

  62. Ways to make money online.

  63. Life hack.

  64. An easy home renovation activity that anybody can do.

  65. Housewarming gift ideas

  66. Compare applications.

  67. Workplace advice.

  68. Friendship advice.

  69. Relationship advice.

  70. Long distance relationship advice.

  71. Choose a superpower you wish you could have and explain why.

  72. List writing prompts.

  73. How to budget.

  74. DYI anything.

  75. Key benefits of doing something.

  76. Where to find something.

  77. Spring Cleaning.

  78. Tips on how to deal with a sunburn.

  79. Top 10 ways you save money.

  80. Date night ideas.

  81. Cheap date ideas.

  82. Free date ideas.

  83. Hairstyles.

  84. Organizational tips/hacks.

  85. Ikea hacks.

  86. Top ways you deal with stress.

  87. Applications on your phone.

  88. Favorite games to play.

  89. What you'd do if you won the lottery.

  90. Current events.

  91. Home decor tips for current or upcoming season.

  92. Interesting ways to store keepsakes.

  93. Traits of a really good friend.

  94. Talk about your life’s successes and utter failures.

  95. Show off your personal possessions.

  96. Publish your resume and experience.

  97. A frequently asked questions post.

  98. Identify what makes your business, products, or blog unique.

  99. A dream/nightmare you had.

  100. Create or share a work/office playlist.

  101. Create or share a workout playlist.

  102. Share your bucket list.

  103. A strange or unique tradition in your family.

Have a little fun with these. See where your creative brain takes you!


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