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Tips and Tricks for Online Schooling

Updated: May 2, 2021

Whether you are doing college, high school, or any classes really, you should consider these tips and tricks for online classes. Well, IF you want to succeed, I mean. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

So, I've taken classes in the past and now an almost full semester online and I've gotta say I've learned a few things.

Treat it like a "real" course. Just cause you are not in a physical classroom with physical students, does not mean this isn't a real class. Believe me, the grades are just as real as in that "real" classroom. So, take it just as seriously.

Time Management. Yep, the thing we all, in one way or another, suck at. We all hate to hear it but manage your time properly. Write down due dates. Maybe write it on a calendar or set phone reminders or whatever works for you. BUT DO IT. ACTUALLY DO IT. If you don't manage your time how do you expect yourself to have time? "Oh but I don't have time to sort it all out in the first place." Well, maybe you would if you sacrificed a bit of time to set it up. THEN, guess what? You'll have the time. Actually, you'll have even extra time that you never thought you'd have. I'm done being mean now. LOL. IF y'all want a more specific post on ways to manage your time, comment below and let me know!

Set goals, big and small. Set small, easier, and quicker to attain goals. BUT ALSO, set the bigger goals. So that you can feel you're getting somewhere when you attain those small goals that are on the way to your bigger goals.

Focus. Eliminate Distractions. We get it. It is a hard thing to do. I can't just put my phone away or turn it off. It is literally not in me to do so. But I find ways to not let myself get distracted. OR when I DO get distracted (which is A LOT) then I have to bring myself back to focus. Nothing is more important than what you are doing that is important. That made no sense but think about it. It does. So, if you say this one task is what is most important than nothing else can top it until you finish that task. Just do it. As soon as you are done, then you can move on. BUT your phone isn't the only distraction. Make sure to find a place you can focus on.

Frequent and short breaks. This is something that works for me but doesn't work for most. You are welcome to try it but you have to be honest with yourself IF it does or doesn't work for you. -- I tend to "reward" myself with little moments of distracted time. So, the word reward is in quotes because I don't consider it a reward. I take it as a way to keep myself focused when it's time to focus. Sometimes when we are on something for too long then our minds/vision starts blurring. My "reward" time or distracted time is when I get to refresh my mind and vision to be able to focus again. It's like a pee break. You come back refreshed and ready to go. It's just like taking frequent and short breaks, I guess. I guess that's what I'll call this one. It's not for everyone, I know. Some people cram it all in. I'm just not like that.

Beat deadlines. I know this sounds like a lot of work. But it's not. If you follow everything above, you can do this easily. Remember once you manage your time you'll notice you'll have a little extra time. Start working ahead. You'll see you'll be meeting deadlines in no time.

Reward yourself, like for real. Really reward yourself. Not like my fake reward. LOL. Find little somethings that you can reward yourself with. Whatever works for you. Just don't let yourself have it until you are completely done.

I think the most important trick I learned was that you have to have some sort of organization. When you are organized, you can SEE what is next. You got to be able to SEE what is next to DO what is next. So, an actual clean working space is important. As well as a nice, clean todo list/calendar. As you start checking things off it might look a little messy to you; so, rewrite it without the finished tasks (of course). And do so every so often.

ALSO... YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you need help, ask. There are so many resources you can use. Whether it is your teacher, a tutor, or one of your friends, help is out there. You just have to ask.



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