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50 Simple Things You Can Be Happy About

Updated: May 2, 2021

There's always things to be happy about. We just sometimes block them out and focus on the negative. So, I wrote a list of 50 things you can be happy about today.

1. Being alive.

2. Naps.

3. Sex.

4. Pay day.

5. Long walks.

6. Family/Friends.

7. Doing something you thought was impossible to do.

8. Sitting by the window seat.

9. Realizing you are better than what you left behind.

10. Eating breakfast for dinner.

11. Pets who love unconditionally.

12. Handwritten letters.

13. Kisses.

14. That feeling when you finally pee.

15. Food.

16. A nice hot shower.

17. A cold shower on a hot day.

18. Finding money.

19. Checking things off your To-Do list.

20. Television.

21. Cellphones.

22. Sunrises/Sunsets

23. Being able to sleep in.

24. Traveling.

25. Hugs.

26. Helping someone you care about.

27. Making someone smile.

28. Holidays.

29. First day of Spring.

30. First day of Summer.

31. First day of Fall.

32. First day of Winter.

33. All things Disney.

34. Weekends free.

35. A good dessert.

36. Getting out of a toxic environment.

37. Having a good hair day.

38. Nice cup of Coffee (if you're into it).

39. Nice cup of Tea (if you're into it)

40. Being loved.

41. Relaxing with a nice book.

42. Wine.

43. Alcohol.

44. Nice cold cup of water on a hot day.

45. Taking a mental health day.

46. Music.

47. That feeling after a good workout.

48. Finding something you thought you had lost.

49. Faith.

50. Proving someone wrong.

Focus on the positive and you'll get through it.


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