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Summer Reading Logs

HEY! This can be for adults, too! But for the most part, kids use it more.

Ok. So, let get to it...

Yep, you read right SUMMER. Summer is almost here. Are you ready for it? Of course not. This has been a crazy year for us all. Will we even have a normal summer? I mean, what's "normal" anymore? But something that won't be changing is our schooling. We'll still have our kids reading (hopefully). Reading gud fo' brian. Exactly. Make sure your kids read to stimulate their brains.

Anyways... uhm. What what I saying?

Summer, right! So, reading logs. Yes. I know that some school require students to have a summer reading list. SO, I've created some fun free printables for you!

Make reading fun for your kids!


Download all four printables.

kids Sumer reading log
Download PDF • 14.45MB



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